• Celebrity Network:
    • Our celebrity network has a total of 6 Billion followers across all platforms. We are able to utilize direct relationships with celebrities to obtain organic user generated content promoting the artist and their music.
  • Relevant Influencers:
    • We have built a network of 2000+ influencers to ensure the ability to hit all markets and demographics the right way.
  • Media Pages & Theme Pages:
    • Get Engaged has a diverse network of hundreds of theme pages & media pages. The followers can range from 50k-10M+, these pages can range from large media outlets to niche theme pages that speak to a specific demographic.
  • Organic Content:
    • We work hand in hand with influencers, celebrities and media pages to create authentic and organic content that feels real and engaging. This strategy will create a direct increase in streams, followers and overall engagement.
Get Engaged can be instrumental in coordinating the release of your music via social media. It is paramount to make sure your music has as many outlets for people to access it as possible, this will truly give your music the best chance it deserves to get into the hands of your fans.
Releasing your work is both exciting and scary. The key to any successful release is all about the preparation. You’re going to get out what you put in.
Get Engaged can streamline the coordination and logistics of arranging influencers to not only promote your tour on social media but to also attend your performance.